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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home Sweet Colorado

It is finally starting to act like a summer here.  The sun has been coming out, the grass is green, the skies are blue, and the beautiful Colorado that I moved here for is finally showing her pretty face!

On a completely different note, I had some weird and disturbing dreams last night.  I had a dream that my sisters little dog had another batch of puppies. And they were SO cute! But in my dream, they were outside with momma dog and a possum came up and snatched one and took it away to eat it!! And all I could hear is this high pitched yelping coming from the bushes and I couldn't get to it to save it! It was an aweful dream! I wondering if it was one of those random message dreams that God sometimes gives, like when the skinny cow ate the fat cow.  This somehow seems much more disturbing though. Here is a picture of my sisters pups when they were born last year...they are adorable!

Here's to hoping I have better dreams this week! This week is flying by, which I'm grateful for.  Gotta love the weekends!