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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Unfavorite Holiday Game

I have decided that the famous ‘gift exchange’ at holiday parties is my least favorite game of the season. I’m not talking about your casual gift exchange among family and friends. I am talking about the gift exchange where you pile all of the gifts in front of the group and everyone takes a number to see in what order everyone chooses a gift from the pile. This is the exchange where you may choose to steal someone else’s present or open a new gift when it comes to your number. One gift can only be stolen up to three times. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t like this game. The first one being, I think the spirit of the season should be more about giving and sharing rather then stealing and choosing the ‘biggest, shiniest gift under the tree’. When I think of Christmas I think of the birth of Christ, spending time with my family and giving to my loved ones. I don’t like the constant ‘it’s all about me’ theme that seems to surround Christmas. Now granted, it may seem like I am blowing the idea of this game out of proportion. I realize that it’s all in good fun. However, this is just one reason why I personally don’t like it. The second reason I am not a fan of this game is that it takes FOREVER to get through it. Last night I went to an IAAP meeting (International Association of Administrative Professionals). We played the ‘Exchange Game’ at the party. There were over 40 people at this party. So that meant that we had to get through over 40 people selecting AND opening a present, or stealing a present. I found that at the beginning we went through the numbers at a fairly quick pace. But as we approached number 25, the game got progressively slower and slower until we were almost at a complete stand still. The problems arose when a person decided to steal a present. After someone steals a present, the person they stole it from can either steal someone else’s present or choose a new one for them self to open. Most of them were choosing to steal someone else’s present, therefore setting off the snowball cycle of stolen presents. Meaning we could never get to the next number because everyone who got ‘stolen’ from kept stealing right back. It was endless! I think it took us upwards of TWO HOURS to get through this game! So be forewarned…if you are looking for the ‘Gift Exchange Game’, you probably don’t want to come to any of my Christmas parties.


annaliese said...

oh I am soooo not coming to your party.

but I still love you :)

Anonymous said...

Unless you get a pack of Jesus band aides, then it's awesome!!

KelseyElizabeth said...

Um...did you seriously get a pack of Jesus band aides??! Wow. I have no words.