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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine, Except When Your Not Supposed To

I was sitting in a relatively boring 'how to communicate effectively through writing' meeting with my team at work, and one of my co-workers sitting next to me was cracking jokes and got me laughing hysterically at the most awkward timing...then the snowball got rolling and he started laughing then it made me laugh more, which made him laugh more to where I had tears rolling down my face. All the while I am trying not to let the teacher see me for fear she would think I was making fun of her.  This got me thinking about a time about 5 or 6 years ago when my family and I went to my youngest sister's talent show at their high school, which is a private Christian school.  I was sitting next to my sister Megan and we were listening to the good and some of the...lets just say...not so good talents.  I was trying to respectfully watch and just try to be appreciative of their bravery for getting up on the stage. Pretty soon this young girl gets up on the stage and starts singing in the most awful pitch I have ever heard in my life...and boy is she doing it with gusto! I instantly knew that I could not look at my sister Megan sitting next to me for fear that the laughter would be released.  Sure enough, out of the corner of my eye, I see my sister Megan turn her head directly to me with a huge Cheshire Cat grin on her face......and I just LOST it....I tried so so hard to keep it in, but something in me that day just didn't have the capability and I started laughing hysterically...and LOUDLY to the point where I was crying.  I FELT SO BAD! But I honest to goodness had no capacity in me whatsoever to contain it.  Then because of my reaction my sister Megan loses it and starts also laughing to the point of tears and we couldn't stop for almost the whole song.  Thank GOODNESS that poor little girl up on the stage did not hear us...I felt so bad...we were more laughing at each other than her, but I can't imagine how she would have felt had she heard us.  I DID however get the poison look of death from my mom when she saw us laughing uncontrollably...That pretty much said it all!

Oh the memories. :)


Joy ☺ said...

This is very naughty. My husband is grounded now. I laugh at inappropriate times all the time at work, and to top it off, I'm the loudest employee in my office. I have mentioned on several occasions that I need training on how to be an extrovert in an introverted work environment. So until that day, I'm going to be loud and laugh at things. I think I deserve a raise, really.

Kelsey Donahue said...

Ha ha!! Joy, you are SO on my team!!