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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Commercial Creativity

Last night I had a discussion with a group of friends about the 'amazing' new commercials that have recently come out. I thought this discussion was blog-worthy. After seeing my wonderful friends 'The Stick Horses' perform, we all went to Chili's where the topic of the 'Snuggie' was brought up. This spawned the conversation of world's worst commercials.

I'm sure you all know what the Snuggie is. It is the 'blanket' that you can put your arms through and wrap around you like a giant moo moo so you don't have to be cold for two seconds while trying to turn on a lamp or turn pages. This commercial is a classic. My favorite shot is when you see a whole family at a ball game cheering on their team wearing, you guessed it, their prized 'snuggies'. I don't know about you guys...but I'm pretty sure no one I know would be caught dead wearing one of those in public. I would even venture to say I would even be embarrassed to wear one in my own house. BUT the plus side is, if you order one, you get a free reading light as a bonus!

Next commercial: Sham-Wow. The word gives me a great deal of amusement just saying it. It's the 'sham' that can soak up to 20 times it's weight in liquid. They demonstrate this great invention by soaking a piece of carpet 'in real time' with soda and making sure it soaks through to the back. Miraculously with a few pats on the 'Sham-WOW', the liquid has disappeared! Amazing. But WAIT, there's MORE! If you stick around to the end of the commercial, they even offer to DOUBLE your order if you call within the next twenty minutes. But you have to do it NOW or the offer will no longer stand. I imagine these are selling at such a fast rate that they can only extend this special offer to those who are smart enough to call in the next twenty minutes.

Another mention-worthy commercial is ''. By simply calling a number you can get an envelope shipped to you where you can deposit all of your 'scrap gold' into an envelope and they will immediately send you a big check. My favorite: "I sent in my wedding ring from my FIRST marriage to Cash for Gold, and got a check in the mail the very next day!

There are many more I could mention, but I thought that these were the prominent ones. Over the years Oxy Clean, Chia Pets, and Mentos have definitely stood out in my mind. But the good news is, they keep getting better with time!


annaliese said...

so if I say I want a Snuggie, will you still want to be my sister...? how about if I wear one out of the house...? ok, here's the real test, would you go somewhere with me wearing my Snuggie...?

Kelsey Donahue said...

I would seriously have to think about venturing out in public with you...I'd still love you though!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff kelsey...would you please add me to your blog roll

2ndtheory said...

What you left out concerning those snuggies, is that you look like a tried-and-true cult member! Only if the druid's were soooo stylish! ;)

Otherwise, Id hate to admit it, but I kinda want some shamWOW's!