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Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's Talk About Star Wars.

This weekend I holed up in my house and watched Star Wars. Yes...I watched all three. Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I know...I already sound like a huge nerd. But I must say, the original Star Wars trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. It's such a classic that really cannot be beat. As I was watching the Empire Stikes back yesterday I realized that Luke (Mark Hamill) looked a lot different to me in this movie then he did in the first movie. First of all, it looked like he had aged about ten years from the first, and secondly, his face looked a lot puffier to me. I did a little research on this and in doing so found out that after the filming of the first Star Wars movie, Mark Hamill was in a serious car accident and messed up his face pretty badly. Hence the difference in appearance. If you look closely in the Empire Stikes back you can see a new scar on his upper lip. Of course...this doesn't really explain how he aged ten years. Stress maybe? I was never a fan of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leiah. There is something about her that has always bugged me. I don't know if it's the fact that she looks like she is 15 but has the voice of an old woman or if it's the fact that she just looks like she would be a downright mean person in real life. (She was 19 when the first one was filmed by the way).Harrison Ford is of course brilliant as Han Solo. I had read somewhere that this was his first time ever acting (at age 34). Apparently he was contracted as a carpenter or something on the set and tried out for the role of Han Solo on a whim and nailed it. And the legend of Harrison Ford was born. Chewbacca is such a great character. Not only is he tall and make entertaining gurgling sounds that no other human being can properly mimic, but he kicks a lot of booty. Does anyone know who the actor was who played Chewey? I haven't figured that one out yet.

These movies are just great. Yes, the lines are extremely cheesy, yes, the technology is somewhat lacking at some points, but it doesn't matter. I think George Lucas did such an amazing job at writing this extremely entertaining Sci-Fi series. That's all I wanted to say....besides Yoda is the bomb.

May the force be with you.


Becky said...

Would you believe I've never seen a Star Wars movie? I plan on keeping it that way.

Kelsey Donahue said...

You are missing out on greatness my friend.

annaliese said...

first of all, Becky, hi--I don't know you, but you should definitely reconsider the whole not-seeing-star-wars-movies thing--they are really fun.
second, I LOVE Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and think you are a bit crazy for not liking her in the role :), but, I did hear some pretty crazy stuff about her while I was working at D-Land. like--when they were opening Star Tours (the ride), she was there and was, apparently drunk (!) and extremely rude! so, you might actually be right about the whole, not-very-nice-in-real-life thing.
third (are you wondering just how many points I am going to make?lol!--last one, I promise) They wrote the part about Luke being dragged off by the monster into Empire to 'explain' his changed appearance from the car wreck.

great blog, btw.